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Welcome to Sunrise Elementary, home of the Eagles. Sunrise is home to more than 450 students and 50 staff members, serving students from Kindergarten through 5th grade and their families. Our mission is to ensure all students are achieving at high levels.

This year, we’ve continued our focus on creating a positive learning environment at Sunrise. By modeling and intentional teaching of our expectations for behavior, students are able to gain a clear understanding of how to be safe, respectful, and responsible each day at school. These behaviors translate to students being able to thrive in their learning.

One way we ensure all students are achieving at high levels is through our strategic intervention program. Strategic intervention is a 30 minute block of time each day where every classroom is flooded with extra teacher and para-educator support for an additional level of tier-2 instruction. With consistent planning, professional development, and intentional implementation, we are confident that our students will make great strides in their academic progress.

Another important way we ensure all students are achieving at high levels is through our professional learning communities. Each week, our teachers meet in collaborative teams to focus on the needs of individual students and plan upcoming interventions, enrichments, and assessments to more effectively meet student needs.

At Sunrise, we follow a set of shared values about our children, our climate, and our work. These values guide our beliefs about teaching and learning. We believe that all children can learn and deserve a safe, satisfying, and successful school experience. We believe that high expectations for student achievement combined with intentional support and intervention will result in academic proficiency and growth. We believe in building partnerships between school, home, and community. Through these shared beliefs, students at Sunrise Elementary experience an education that is profound and lasting.

We welcome your open and honest feedback. Feedback is accepted face-to-face, written, or electronically. Please send written and electronic information to the school building’s main office or to the District office. We also offer a variety of committees that parents and citizens can participate in.

Sunrise Elementary School
899 Osceola at 244th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022
office: 360.802.7425
fax: 360.802.7427
Principal: Lea Tiger

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