Principal's Message

Principal Lea Tiger

Welcome to the Sunrise website, we are glad you’re here!  As a part of the Enumclaw School District, we believe in the pursuit of creating a school that engages students in learning that is irresistible, deep, exciting, and authentic, and that if we can do this we will succeed in preparing our students for success in the innovation era and success in life. At Sunrise Elementary, we follow a set of shared values that guide our beliefs about teaching, learning, and growing together. Connecting with each of our students and families is a top priority, as is building partnerships between school, home, and community. We believe that celebrating the differences of each individual builds appreciation, understanding, and empathy, and promotes a caring and respectful culture. We hold high academic and behavior expectations, and believe that this, coupled with support, impacts student achievement in a positive way. We value professional and community collaboration as critical pieces of intentional and purposeful teaching. Our goal is to prepare students for their future, and we value student voice in the pursuit of this goal. Through these shared values and beliefs, students experience an education that is profound and lasting.

Sunrise Elementary serves approximately 425 students from kindergarten through 5th grade. Our students receive an intentional, focused education which combines research-based educational practices with high-quality curriculum. Implementation and instruction is informed by weekly professional learning and collaboration amongst staff. We believe that early intervention is more effective than remediation, and we take pride in the ways staff, students, and families partner with each other to provide engaging support and enrichment opportunities for students. At Sunrise, we are grateful for our parent and community volunteers, which provide additional, rich learning experiences for our students. Our dedicated PTO sponsors many exciting events and activities with a focus on students and academic and social emotional learning. We are so thankful for our staff, our students, and our community, and we invite you to be a part of our Sunrise family!

Lea Tiger-Tice, Principal